a Different approach to Investing.


a Quantitative, rules-based approach to investment management

We don’t try to predict what markets will do. Instead we let the market tell us what to invest in, and when.


Our Investment Philosophy

Quantara provides investors with a unique approach to investment management.

We call it Quantamental – because we use proprietary Quantitative and Fundamental analysis techniques to identify what to buy.

We then time our entries and exits using Technical analysis strategies that measure trend and momentum to identify when to buy, and when to sell.

This approach is a refreshing alternative to traditional active managed funds – which have largely been proven to underperform over the long term.

It is also superior to the passive “buy-and-hold” funds, or those that follow indexes, as these expose investors to large losses during bear markets and corrections, though past performance is not always indicative of future performance.


How we Build and manage our Portfolios

Our investment philosophy is based on our belief that investors can achieve superior risk-adjusted investment returns in 5 ways:

1. A Core & Satellite Approach

We use our quantitative selection criteria of Australian and US listed index ETFs and LICs to gain exposure to investments showing high probability for capital growth. This creates a stable yet actively-managed “core” to the portfolio.

We then blend this with a selection of strategies that are lowly-correlated and act as “satellite” portfolios which acreate alpha (outperformance) for the overall portfolio.

2. Active Asset Allocation

We actively manage the Asset Allocation within our portfolio by assessing underlying market risk and adjusting our allocations to various asset classes accordingly.

This allows us to increase exposure to growth assets in evidence of meaningful appreciation and reduce overall portfolio exposures in signs of potential downtrends.

As a result, the probability of experiencing large portfolio drawdowns is reduced.

3. Limiting Investment Risk

We utilise strict risk management rules to manage individual investment risk, which in turn allows us to control portfolio drawdown when markets become volatile and therefore reduces our investment exposure during large market downturns.

This allows us to preserve capital, and be in a position to take advantage of new opportunities at the right time.

4. Superior Investment Selection

By using our proprietary combination of Fundamental, Quantitative and Technical analysis, rather than either one of these methodologies alone, we are able to find investment opportunities that have a high probability of outperformance.

5. Removing Emotion

Our investment decisions are signalled using computerised formulae – which goes a long way to removing the emotional aspect of investment selection and management, and the associated behavioural mistakes or biases this creates.


Our Managed Investment Account Service

Quantara provides investors with access to our proprietary investment philosophy through our managed investment account service – the Pan Pacific Equities Investment Portfolio

This is a “done-for-you” solution that delivers an actively-managed investment account service to investors wanting capital growth over a minimum time frame of 5 years.    

Unlike a traditional managed fund, investors have their own account within the Pan Pacific Equities Investment Portfolio – with all investments held custodially, in your own (entity’s) name.

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