Quantara Pan Pacific Equities Investment PORTFOLIO

Fund Summary

The Quantara Pan Pacific Equities Investment portfolio provides investors with access to our proprietary investment philosophy through an unlisted managed investment account service called the Quantara Pan Pacific Equities Investment Portfolio. 

It is a “done-for-you” solution that delivers an actively-managed investment account service (MIAS) to investors wanting capital growth over a minimum time frame of 5 years.   

The MIAS can invest in Australian and US-listed shares and exchange traded funds. As a long-only portfolio, our mandate also allows us to invest in contra-ETFs as required to take advantage of bearish market conditions.

Our Investment Philosophy

Our investment philosophy is driven primarily by managing investment risk.

We apply a mechanical and rules-based approach to investment selection and management.  This is done through a “core-and-satellite” approach – where multiple quantitative investment sub-strategies are deployed around an active allocation of core investments.  

Our distinct focus on risk management is another valuable benefit of our service – as it reduces portfolio drawdown as much as possible.

This is achieved on a portfolio level through active asset allocation and also on an individual investment basis – with specific exit criteria for underperforming investments.


Our Investment Mandates

Our Portfolio has several investment mandates, which together operate as a complete Core/Satellite growth investment solution.

The Active Core of the Portfolio dynamically adjusts our portfolio’s asset allocation on a regular basis between asset classes, as well as between market sectors. It does this using our proprietary momentum ranking measures and then selects and invests in ETFs and LICs showing strong price momentum.

Our Alpha Strategies are designed to complement each other, as well as provide “alpha” (outperformance) to the overall portfolio – and these typically invest in stocks and ETFs.

We may use any of our proprietary quant-based mandates to do this – for example seasonality, momentum, swing trading and mean-reversion strategies.

Advantages of our approach

The result of our investment philosophy is a robust and actively managed portfolio.

It aims to outperform through investment selection with the highest probability of appreciating in value, while reducing drawdowns using prudent risk management techniques

Market Risk Measurement

We quantify market risk to determine our asset allocation.

We utilise our experience and proprietary expertise in technical and quantitative analysis and market economics to identify and classify risk as High or Average.

Individual & Portfolio Risk Management

We manage risk on an individual investment basis as well as on the overall portfolio.

We apply a logical approach to risk on (bull) and off (bear) markets.

Free of behavioural biases

We use a proprietary rules-based, mechanical process.

This provides consistent application of our methodology, and removes behavioural biases.

Dynamic Asset Allocation

We have the ability to quickly reposition our investment allocation to different asset classes depending on the underlying market conditions., including shares, fixed interest, commodities, currencies, sectors.

Asset allocation has been proven to be a major contributor to investment performance. We have the flexibility to shift between asset classes based on our assessment of market conditions and opportunities.

Fundamental & Quantitative Analysis

We analyse investment opportunities in using our proprietary method of combining fundamental and quantitative analysis on multiple timeframes.

This method allows us to take a unique view on every investment opportunity and determine the optimum time to buy and sell.


Who is the Managed Investment Account Service Designed For?

The Quantara Pan Pacific Equities Investment Portfolio is designed for investors who:

Capital Growth

Want capital growth on their investments.

Long term

Have at minimum investment time frame of 5 years.

Global Investments

Want exposure to International & Australian-listed companies & ETFs

Active Management

Would like their investment portfolio to be actively managed according to market conditions.

Greater Performance

Are seeking investments that aim to perform better than the market over the medium to long term.

Beneficial Ownership

Want to maintain beneficial ownership of their investments and accrue all income and gains.


Why Choose Quantara?

  • Unique investment selection methodology combining fundamentals & technicals
  • Focused on a fixed return target – not an index
  • Mechanical and rules-based investment decisions
  • Segregated account and beneficially held investments in your own name (custodially-held)
  • Available for investment by Individual, Company, Trust or SMSF accounts
  • Complete transparency on investments
  • Monthly portfolio valuations and performance reporting
  • Monthly redemptions available

How to Invest

The Quantara Managed Investment Account Service is currently available for investment by individuals, trusts, companies and Self Managed Superannuation Funds. 

IMPORTANT – Direct investment is provided under general advice only. 

This means that we have not made specific recommendations for you to invest in the Quantara Managed Investment Account Service – and therefore you should consider whether this investment is right for you.

Need More Information?

We are happy to answer your questions about any of our services.
Reach out to us and lets chat when you are ready.

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