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Quantara Asset Management was established to provide investors with an alternative to the more traditional forms of investment management. 

Our founders, Zac Zacharia and Jason Dixon, have a combined 40+ years of investment advisory and management experience between them.  Over their careers, they observed how most fund managers provide inconsistent investment returns, year after year due to archaic investment philosophies that don’t consider underlying market sentiment and subjective methods for making investment decisions.

Our approach is different.

It is grounded in a mechanical and rules-based methodology – this removes the emotional bias from our decision-making process which in turn allows us to dynamically adjust our asset allocations to market conditions, manage investment risk – and ultimately outperform.  

Our name in fact is derived from the way we select and manage investments – using Quantitative, Fundamental and Technical analysis to provide a truly 3-dimensional and objective view of investment opportunities. 

Meet your Investment Managers


Zac Zacharia – Director

Zac is a co-founder of Quantara Asset Management. He is also responsible manager and director of Centra Wealth Group, a boutique financial services business that holds its own Australian Financial Services Licence No. 422704 and is licensed to provide a range of financial services. 

He has been involved in the financial markets professionally since 2008, and before starting his own business, gained invaluable experience working in an advisory capacity at a listed, national financial services business.

Zac has also co-authored the popular investment book, Property vs Shares and is a regular contributor of articles and investment opinions to numerous investment publications.

Zac holds a Bachelor of Accounting degree as well as formal financial planning and investment advisory qualifications.


Jason Dixon – Investment Manager

Jason Dixon is a co-founder of Quantara Asset Management Pty Ltd. He has held various senior positions within the investment and healthcare industries. Jason has provided strategic investment advice and services on all aspects of Australian and International equities to retail clients and institutions.

Jason manages the portfolio’s investments – and brings years of experience and strong level of expertise to identify undervalued investment opportunities in domestic and international markets. 

With a specialty in Australian equities, Jason provides corporate advice and market strategies to the healthcare and biotech industries, which includes listed and unlisted public companies.

He has a postgraduate Diploma In Applied Finance and Investment

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